RKP Carbon Front lip 2x2 weave upper only - Bmw F87 M2 2016-2018


RKP's M2 front lip enables owners of BMW's newest sports car to add a GTS look and feel. The original M4 GTS lip was carefully measured and analyzed for its proportions, helping RKP to create the RKP M2 front lip and splitter system.

The RKP lip features a shape that is reminiscent of the M4 GTS but includes mounting features that are easier to use than the original BMW M4 part. RKP's lip uses a carbon fiber reinforcement plate (meant to mount inside of the M2 bumper), which spreads aerodynamic loads across the inside of the bumper without using complex and difficult to install brackets.

The main lip section is designed to closely resemble the M4 GTS lip but is scaled to flawlessly fit the M2 front bumper. Mounting points align with the inner bumper reinforcement for an extremely durable installation. Best of all, threaded inserts are found within the lip, enabling the optional splitter to attach directly to the lip's bottom surface.

Finally, the optional RKP splitter can be attached directly to the front lip, with an adjustability of 2" forward or back, giving M2 owners the ability to have true GTS functionality.

Each RKP Carbon Fiber lip and splitter kit is available in hand laid gloss Carbon Fiber for a beautiful appearance and low weight.


  • Light Weight
  • 2x2 Carbon Fiber
  • Unique Style
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Plate


  • 2016 Bmw F87 M2 
  • 2017 Bmw F87 M2 
  • 2018 Bmw F87 M2 


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