RKP Carbon Front Lip 4x4 Weave - BMW M5 F10 2012-2016


The RKP front lip for the F10 M5 attempts to go above and beyond the standard fare of aerodynamic parts available for BMW M cars. Where most front lips simply extend and lower the front of the car, the RKP lip adapts the original BMW design, and attempts to expand on what's already there. 

Instead of simply jutting straight from the front bumper, the RKP F10 M5 front lip is designed with BMW's own design language in mind, integrating the crisp lines of the front bumper into the lip's surface. The body lines molded into the front bumper of the M5 are retained in the outside surfaces of the front lip, and move and flow into the front lip's outer surface to create a piece that is visually cohesive. 

This F10 M5 front lip fits perfectly against the M5's front bumper, leaving essentially no gap after the lip is installed. Installation is accomplished using 3M adhesive tape, and fasteners that are already present in the front bumper. No drilling is required to install the front lip, and no new hardware is used. The RKP front lip does not lower the M5's ride height as it does not extend past the lowest point of the front bumper. 

Each RKP front lip for the F10 M5 is built from 100% carbon fiber, and is available in plain or twill weave. Extreme care is taken to ensure that each lip has an excellent weave pattern and alignment, with no misweave or flaws.


  • Made up of Carbon fiber
  • Stylish look
  • Excellent fit and finish


Weave is Special order


  • 2012 M5 F10 
  • 2013 M5 F10 
  • 2014 M5 F10 
  • 2015 M5 F10 
  • 2016 M5 F10 


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