Active Autowerke Intercooler Kit Black For Bmw E9X 335, E82 135 2007-2012

VENDOR: Active AutoWerke

SKU: 14-015

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The Active Autowerke BMW 135i, 335i intercooler is the best performing bolt-on performance intercooler. Simply by bolting on this intercooler on a stock car, you can expect over 10 wheel horsepower gains due to the revised efficiency, or even more with additional performance modifications like our Active Autowerke BMW 135i Downpipe. This intercooler is created to handle more internal air flows than its stock counterpart, and will not heat soak as readily like the BMW factory unit.

Designed from inception, this BMW 135i, 335i intercooler has the largest swept area that could possibly be fitted within the narrow space confines that the BMW factory allowed. Simply put, this BMW intercooler will perform and deliver consistent, reliable power run after run without power robbing heat soak. Some minor cutting is required. This Active Autowerke BMW intercooler features the industry standard of a bar and plate core design with seamless cast end tanks that utilize the OEM quick connectors for the easiest install possible. Proper placement of heavy duty mounting tabs ensure for a good fitment.

This Intercooler is Designed specifically for the BMW E8X 135i and E9X 335i in 2 door and 4 door configurations. With the addition of CNC machined outlets the installation of our sport intercooler is easier than ever! Large but compact, it delivers the performance reliably and consistently as intended with the added features to be reversible if the need arises.


  • Industry standard bar and plate core design for that rugged construction
  • Delivers substantially more internal airflow than the factory BMW unit
  • No heat soak measured on street application
  • Delivers an increase in BMW performance consistently
  • Cast end tanks with sturdy mounting bosses
  • CNC Machined outlets to accept the OEM charge pipe connections
  • Detailed CD instructions featuring mostly pictures with less text
  • Easy to install to the factory set-up with the benefits of reversibility if needed 


                                            • Intercooler core dimensions 5.25" Tall, 20.00" Wide,5.25" Thick
                                            • Capable for up to 550 WHP

                                            Vehicle Fitment:

                                            • 2007 Bmw E9X 335
                                            • 2008 Bmw E9X 335
                                            • 2009 Bmw E9X 335
                                            • 2010 Bmw E9X 335
                                            • 2011 Bmw E9X 335
                                            • 2012 Bmw E9X 335
                                            • 2007 Bmw E82 135
                                            • 2008 Bmw E82 135
                                            • 2009 Bmw E82 135
                                            • 2010 Bmw E82 135
                                            • 2011 Bmw E82 135
                                            • 2012 Bmw E82 135


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