Ac Schnitzer AC1 21" Wheels Type VIII Forged BiColor - Bmw M5 F90 2018-2021

VENDOR: AC Schnitzer

SKU: 36112105208+361398140

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal
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Ac Schnitzer AC1 21" Wheels Type VIII Forged BiColor 


Not Only the name is new  but also the design both point to a generational shift in the wheel segment at AC Schnitzer. Although the AC1 rims are a new design in one important aspect they pay tribute to their heritage they too will certainly become a design classic.

With the new AC1 rims AC Schnitzer has reinterpreted the classic twin spoke design. The result is a sporting hybrid look. In a sophisticated style triangle tips taper towards the rim edge and widen towards the centre separated by five trapezoids. These draw the eye directly to the unique classic element of the AC1 rim the pentagonal hub cap with AC Schnitzer logo.

Despite this multiplicity of styling elements the design appears clean and masculine thanks to the very straight lines. The interplay of all these elements gives the AC1 wheel solidity and size. Especially in motion the BiColor finish creates a strongly alternating effect.


All-wheel drive vehicles require adapted wheel circumferences. For vehicles with a BMW xDrive system, please only use tire sizes and tire marks approved by BMW or AC Schnitzer for all-wheel drive vehicles. These can be found in the xi-xd wheel tyre set list.

For fitting of the product you additionally need mounting / adapter package for front and rear axle. only in combination with Pirelli PZero R01 NSC


  • Made in Germany
  • Weight-optimized
  • Specific hub cover
  • Long-lasting
  • Quality tag
  • homologation certificate 
  • Slender design of the wheels thanks to high strength material
  • Machined original AC Schnitzer logo
  • Machined ”Forged“ logo on the front
  • High quality clear lacquer protects the wheel against corrosion, therefore
  • Open design in BiColor Anthracite/ Silver, giving a clear view to the brakes
  • Developed exclusively for BMW vehicles
  • With exclusive AC Schnitzer and forged lettering
  • Compatible with standard RDC system
  • Production monitored according to ISO standard
  • BiColor Silver/Anthracite optionally also in Anthracite
  • KDS mount for wheel alignment according to BMW specification is available
  • Spacers/mounting package for the best possible position in the wheel arch (to be ordered separately)
  • Assembly package vehicle specific
  • Rim Type VIII Forged BiColor Anthracite/ Silver
  • Optional vehicle- and rim-specific mounting and fastening material
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Warranty 2 years


                        • Wheel 10,0 x 21" 
                        • Offset 42 

                        Vehicle Fitment Chart:

                        BMW M5 F90 4.4 L S63 V8 2018-2021


                        Images are for representation purpose only and may differ depending on application.