Ac Schnitzer Performance Upgrade for Bmw M850i xDrive G15 2019

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Performance Upgrade Petrol:

The performance upgrade consists of a control unit for retrofitting into the vehicle. The control unit ensures that the data is processed depending on the speed and accelerator pedal position and the values for boost pressure, track pressure and air mass are passed on to the standard engine control unit. The parameters are slightly increased by the AC Schnitzer performance increase. This results in a model-dependent power increase of up to 20% of the engine and increases the efficiency of the engine.

During development, it is checked in which speed range the highest torque increase is achieved. This is followed by a controlled reduction of the changed parameters for the high speed range >5000 rpm. This prevents the engine from overheating during long, fast journeys. The standard protection parameters for the engine are retained with the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade.

In addition, the AC Schnitzer performance increase also has extensive additional parameters for protecting the engine and drive train, such as cold-start and overheating control. 

The AC Schnitzer performance upgrades are only activated from approx. 1000 rpm and from an oil temperature of 80° C. Overload / Overheating Control From a water temperature of 115° C, the output is automatically regulated back to the series output. AC Schnitzer performance upgrades undergo extensive test series on race tracks, test benches and in daily traffic. These test series last up to 9 months and several 10,000 km


Specifications only when using at least 98 octane fuel
Inclusive 48 months AC Schnitzer warranty from initial registration !
AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrades: Overall performance figures for a standard engine modified with a performance upgrade are based on the standard data in the vehicle documents which may deviate up or down. When fitting the AC Schnitzer performance upgrades, please ensure that the wheel and tire combination has an adequate speed and load index.

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Control Unit Holder


  • Additional control unit with programming
  • Plug & Play
  • Optimized motor efficiency
  • More performance = Improved Agility
  • Increasing torque is more important than increasing horsepower
  • Homologation certificates for almost all performance upgrades
  • No need for maximum power to ensure the stability and longevity of the engine
  • Extensively tested
  • Increased driving pleasure


    • M850i xDrive with engine N63B44T3 and 390 kW / 530 hp 
    • Performance: 456 kW / 620 hp
    • Torque standard: 750 Nm
    • Torque AC Schnitzer: 840 Nm

    Vehicle Fitment Chart:

    BMW M850i xDrive G15 - 2018-2020


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