AC Schnitzer Suspension Spring Kit For BMW M2 F87 Competition 2016-2019

VENDOR: AC Schnitzer

SKU: 3130287310

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


Suspension components from AC Schnitzer improve driving dynamics and safety. Essential requirement for this is that the wheels always have contact with the ground, and that road-holding, cornering stability, braking and steering safety are guaranteed.

"In principle, the car should handle the same as a standard vehicle. Good-natured load-change reactions and gentle understeer in the limit zone are important - after all, AC Schnitzer customers are not professional racing drivers", explains the Director Development at AC Schnitzer, Roman Fenners.

Only when a suspension kit has achieved optimum results in all conceivable driving and racing conditions, and combines sporting handling with maximum possible suspension comfort, can it be offered as an original AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit, sports suspension or RS adjustable suspension.

The AC Schnitzer suspension team approves the extremely high product quality of all AC Schnitzer suspension components and certifies the extensive test process for every original product.

The AC Schnitzer suspension components are produced in close collaboration with the renowned suspension manufacturers. The special, exclusive AC Schnitzer setup is evident to the customer at first glance, because only products labelled AC Schnitzer actually contain the AC Schnitzer setup which is unique to every model.

Since the standard models can differ hugely from each other, the engineers must develop specific suspension components for each model. The vehicle weight, size, engine, and wheel and tyre combination are taken into account individually.


  • 2 x springs for the front axle
  • 2 x springs for the rear axle
  • Optimum lowering
  • More driving pleasure
  • Tested on the road and race tracks
  • Lowering vehicle's centre of gravity
  • Improved curve handling
  • Improved driving dynamics
  • High residual spring travel
  • Good driving comfort

                                                Vehicle Fitment:

                                                • 2016 BMW M2 F87 Competition Coupe
                                                • 2017 BMW M2 F87 Competition Coupe
                                                • 2018 BMW M2 F87 Competition Coupe
                                                • 2019 BMW M2 F87 Competition Coupe


                                                                          Images are for representation purpose only and may differ depending on application.