Active AutoWerke


Active Autowerke Mid Pipe Kit - Bmw M3, M4 2014-2019


The Active Autowerke F8X Mid Pipe was specifically designed to eliminate the highly restrictive nature of the OEM F80 M3 and F82 M4 mid pipe – thus creating optimal exhaust flow and drastically improving performance. In addressing the annoying sound (described by many like that of a weed-eater) we needed to better understand the issue. After much research and testing we discovered the synchronization of the Turbos as the main factor in the sound. The solution was a single mid pipe which eliminated much of the annoying sound. The next challenge was making a large 3.5" pipe (needed for optimum performance) fit without ground clearance issues - thus the oval pipe. Engineered for an exact fit on both the F80 M3 and F82 M4, the difference in power with this mid pipe will be noticeable the moment it is installed!

In order to get the most possible gains, we had to apply some trade secrets to our mid pipe design – many of our competitors have done the same. However, we wanted our F8X Mid Pipe to stand out from the rest. Unlike the design of the factory mid pipe, and the mid pipes of our competitors, we decided on a singular pipe design. This was for a few reasons First and foremost, to cancel out that cheap weed eater sound that is so frequently complained bout. Not only does this design cancel out the un-M3-like sound, it creates a deeper, more harmonious sound that most have come to expect from a performance car built by the ///M Division. Naturally, with this increased flow – we were able to pull out a surprising amount of power. Eliminating this extra pipe also allowed us to save some valuable weight, which as you know, translates to improved performance!


Active Autowerke Full Exhaust System is recommended for, But Not Limited to,  off-road or racing applications.


  • 18+ WHP over stock*
  • 30+ LB-FT over stock*
  • Improved performance from less back pressure
  • Deeper & throatier exhaust note
  • Less restrictive, more free flowing
  • Lighter weight than factory system
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Increased low end and mid-range power
  • Single-pipe design eliminates cheap “weed-eater” sound from factory exhaust

                      PERFORMANCE GRAPH:

                      VEHICLE FITMENT:

                      • 2014 Bmw M3
                      • 2015 Bmw M3
                      • 2016 Bmw M3
                      • 2017 Bmw M3
                      • 2018 Bmw M3
                      • 2019 Bmw M3
                      • 2014 Bmw M4
                      • 2015 Bmw M4
                      • 2016 Bmw M4
                      • 2017 Bmw M4
                      • 2018 Bmw M4
                      • 2019 Bmw M4


                                Images are for representation purpose only and may differ depending on application.