Active AutoWerke


Active Autowerke Track Pipe Front Section A - Bmw E36 325, 328, M3 1992-1998


The Active Autowerke Track Pipe is comprised of two main components. This is the Section (A) which is the foremost part.

For some track and / or race events, the rules allow an open exhaust, but the exhaust manifolds have to retain the original factory cast or tubular manifolds. Active Autowerke designed the Track Pipe not as a one piece, but a two part unit with multiple functions and flexibility.

If you have the Active Autowerke Race exhaust, just add the ActIve Autowerke Section (A). The Section (A) allows the Race exhaust to bolt up easily to the BMW factory exhaust manifolds.


  • Constructed from 100% polished 304 stainless steel
  • Good fitment and clearances
  • The perfect option to mate our Race exhaust to the factory BMW exhaust manifolds


      • Bmw E36 325 1992-1998
      • Bmw E36 328 1992-1998
      • Bmw E36 M3 1992-1998


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