AWE Tuning Porsche 987 Cayman/S, Boxster/S Performance Muffler


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AWE Tuning Porsche 987 Cayman/S, Boxster/S Performance Muffler

AWE Tuning Performance Edition Exhausts have earned praise from owners and the press alike, due to their unique "Jekyll and Hyde" personality. We spend considerable time and effort during development to achieve remarkable civility when idling and cruising at part throttle, while also producing a war-cry wail when full throttle is applied. Sophisticated, refined, and powerful, all at once.

We also spend many dyno hours examining how to maximize the performance and options of this exhaust system. Thorough long term street testing has confirmed that our exhaust, whether equipped with with our ceramic catalytic converter or metal catalytic converter, will not set a Check Engine light or any fault codes in the ECU.

The AWE Tuning Performance Edition Exhaust is topped off with our signature beveled exhaust tips. The tips sport stamped AWE Tuning logos and are double walled to ensure a mirror polish even under hard usage. The system has multiple slip joints with high quality stainless band clamps, to allow optimal adjustment.

The AWE Tuning Performance Edition Exhaust will mate up to the stock downpipe or the AWE Tuning Downpipe, just as the AWE Tuning Downpipe will mate up to a stock exhaust or any other catback made to mate up to the stock downpipe.

Description: AWE Tuning Porsche 987 Cayman/S Boxster/S Performance Muffler

Product Name: AWE Cat-Back Performance

Box 1 Dims (LxWxH-W): 30.5 x 21.75 x 20.5 - 43.5