BMW M3 (F80) 2014

    This new model was unveiled with distinctive Akrapovič designelements, and these beautifully crafted additions are designed to fit perfectly with the carbon- diffuser. As the most visible part of an exhaust system, we pay the utmost attention to the tailpipes.

    Akrapovič has created special titanium tailpipes to enrich the visual enjoyment of the Slip-On or Evolution exhaust systems. Sporting the unique Akrapovič round design, the titanium version combines polished and sandblasted titanium and a bigger diameter than stock tailpipes to make them stand out from the crowd even more. 

    • WEIGHT


    Car Brand BMW
    Car Model M3 (F80)
    Part Description Tail pipe set (Titanium)
    Length 14.37
    Width 12.01
    Height  6.50
    Weight  5.50


    Cars equipped with Akrapovič exhaust systems benefit from additional performance and increased responsiveness. Significant gains in power and torque are achieved throughout the entire rpm range. All Akrapovič exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled flowbenches.

    Technical Data

    weight kg 1.9 - 0.0
    lb 0.0 4.2 - -4.2