COBB Tuning Carbon Fiber Intake System For Ford Focus ST, RS 2013-2018


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All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal

COBB Tuning Carbon Fiber Intake System - Ford Focus ST, RS 2013-2018


The COBB Ford Focus ST/RS Carbon Fiber Intake is a great way to dress up your engine bay and increase performance. The gloss finish over a bold 3K Carbon Fiber Weave on the intake piping is coupled with a matching air box lid. Which is accented by a brushed aluminum COBB badge. Included is a pre-oiled, dual cone, filter to increase airflow and amplify that great turbo sound. This intake is a complete factory replacement all the way to the turbo and is compatible with the original factory tune and all available COBB OTS maps.

Is there ever a bad time for Carbon Fiber parts? The COBB Ford Carbon Fiber Intake frees up airflow and adds a level of refinement under the hood of your Focus ST/RS without any compromises!


Fitment verified for left-hand drive vehicles only.


  • 3K Carbon Fiber Weave - Gloss Finish
  • Large 3" piping for ideal flow
  • Pre-Oiled and Re-usable Dual Cone Air Filter
  • 4-ply Black Silicone Couplers

                            VEHICLE FITMENT: 

                            • 2013 Ford Focus ST ADM
                            • 2013 Ford Focus ST EDM
                            • 2013 Ford Focus ST USDM
                            • 2014 Ford Focus ST ADM
                            • 2014 Ford Focus ST EDM
                            • 2014 Ford Focus ST USDM
                            • 2015 Ford Focus ST CHDM
                            • 2015 Ford Focus ST EDM
                            • 2015 Ford Focus ST USDM
                            • 2016 Ford Focus RS CHDM
                            • 2016 Ford Focus RS EDM
                            • 2016 Ford Focus RS USDM
                            • 2016 Ford Focus ST CHDM
                            • 2016 Ford Focus ST EDM
                            • 2016 Ford Focus ST USDM
                            • 2017 Ford Focus RS CHDM
                            • 2017 Ford Focus RS EDM
                            • 2017 Ford Focus RS USDM
                            • 2017 Ford Focus ST CHDM
                            • 2017 Ford Focus ST EDM
                            • 2017 Ford Focus ST USDM
                            • 2018 Ford Focus RS CHDM
                            • 2018 Ford Focus RS EDM
                            • 2018 Ford Focus RS USDM
                            • 2018 Ford Focus ST EDM
                            • 2018 Ford Focus ST USDM


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