Dinan Performance Engine Software for BMW 740i 740iL E38 1996-1998

Special Note: Only for 1996 - 1998 models.

Product Description

Dinan Performance Engine Software unleashes more power from your BMW 740i and 740iL by re-programming the fuel mixture and ignition timing parameters of the engine management system. Furthermore, the software safely raises the rev-limit, giving your BMW a broader power band and greater road speed potential in each gear. Significant gains are also achieved at part throttle, making extra power available where you spend the bulk of the time driving. 


  • 1996-2001 740i & iL E38 
Product Specifications
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 0.50
Emission Status 50 State Emissions Legal
Max HP Gain 8 @ 4500 rpm
Max Torque Gain 13 lb/ft @ 2000 rpm
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