Dinan Stage 1 Koni Suspension System for BMW M3 E36

Dinan D190-3101K

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Product Description
The system consists of a set of performance tuned springs and carefully matched Koni adjustable front strut assemblies and rear shocks. The system provides superior handling through increased grip and reduction of body roll, while maintaining a nicely dampened ride.

The Stage 1 Suspension System has been designed to address the foundation for performance handling. The modestly lower ride height gives the car a tastefully enhanced performance look as well as improving suspension geometry. The Koni struts feature externally adjustable rebound dampening via a knob located at the top of the strut. The shocks are also rebound adjustable, requiring removal for adjustment.

Models Supported by Dinan Stage 1 Koni Suspension System for BMW M3 E36

  • M3 E36 1995
Product Specifications
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 7.50
Included Notes Performance Spring Set; Koni Adjustable Struts and Shocks.