Dinan Stage 3 Performance Engine Software for BMW M5 E60 M6 E63 M6 E64

Product Description
The software also removes the top speed governor, enabling the cars to attain their ''natural'' top speed; and the V-10s WILL pull right to red-line in top gear! The software also speeds up throttle response, providing a sportier feel and improved modulation capabilities.

Dinan Engine Software raises the factory rev-limiter by 150 rpm (8400 rpm maximum), endowing the V-10 with a broader power band and greater road speed potential in each gear. 

+ Raises Rev-limit to 8400RPM
+ Greater Road Speed In Each Gear
+ Removes Top Speed Governor
+ Improved Throttle Mapping
+ Improved Ignition Timing, Fuel Delivery, and Cam Timing
+ 21 HP & 14 LB-FT of Torque when combined with the high flow air mass meter and intake assemblies.



  • 2006-2010 M5 E60 
  • 2006-2010 M6 E63 Coupe 
  • 2007-2010  M6 E64 Convertible 
Product Specifications
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 0.50
Emission Status 50 State Emissions Legal.
California Air Resources Board Executive Order Number D-176-37.
Max HP Gain 21 @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque Gain 14 @ 7500 rpm
Factory Rated HP 500 @ 7750 rpm
Factory Rated Torque 383 @ 6100 rpm
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