DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 1 for BMW F30 F34 340i F32 F33 F36 440i



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Product Description

Stage 1 (DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner ONLY) Maximum Power on the F30/F34 340i and F32/F33/F36 440i: 412 HP, 438 lb-ft of torque.

The Dinan Difference

The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is a highly engineered piece of computer hardware and software that enhances engine performance to levels the stock programming is not allowed to venture into. It does this without negatively affecting your new car warranty coverage and without affecting long term reliability or the functionality of on-board diagnostic systems. It is also the only tuning device designed to be emissions legal in all 50 states. These items are unique to Dinan and together they embody the apex of performance engineering in a powerful, reliable, and warrantied package. 

The Dinan Difference is possible by employing a full staff of talented engineers that are well rounded in many facets of automotive engineering and backed by a wealth of hands on knowledge. Stemming from diverse backgrounds not only on racing teams but on standard factory production line vehicles we have seen it all. Manipulating these signals with an adept hand all the while keeping an engine running at its best and with the most reliable power is what Dinan is all about.



  • 2016-2018  340i & xDrive F30 Sedan 
  • 2017-2018 340i xDrive F34 GT 
  • 2017-2018 440i & xDrive F32 Coupe 
  • 2017-2018 440i & xDrive F33 Convertible 
  • 2017-2018 440i & xDrive F36 Gran Coupe 
Product Specifications
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 1.00
Emission Status CARB EO submitted and approval is pending.
Max HP Gain 47 @ 4500 RPM
Max Torque Gain 60 @ 4000 RPM
Peak Horsepower 412 @ 6500 RPM
Peak Torque 438 @ 4250 RPM
Peak HP Gain 33 @ 6500 RPM
Peak Torque Gain 39 @ 5000 RPM
Factory Rated HP 320 (381 Measured)
Factory Rated Torque 330 (386 Measured)
Included Notes DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner, Dinan wiring harness, Dinan Stage 1 software