Eventuri Black Carbon Fiber Intake System for Audi S3

VENDOR: Eventuri


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Carbon Fiber Intake Types


The VAG 2.0 TFSi Eventuri intake has been developed to provide the most efficient and direct airflow path to the turbo. By replacing the OEM our Patent Pending Venturi housing and coupling this with a smooth duct, we have ensured that the airflow remains as laminar as possible. Furthermore, the addition of a true cold air feed by adding a scoop to the front grill results in the lowest possible inlet air temperature. The result is an optimized intake system that delivers noticeable performance gains consistently.

The 2.0 TFSi system uses our Patent Pending Carbon fiber Housing which provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbo tube. Not just another cone filter with a heat shield but a unique design that allows airflow to remain laminar and thus improve the turbo efficiency.


  • Perfect Shape and Design
  • Prepreg Carbon Fibre Venturi Housing
  • High Flow Double Cone Air Filter
  • Aluminum Cowl for smooth airflow entry
  • Prepreg Carbon Fibre Intake Duct (also available in plastic)
  • Laser Cut Cold Air Scoop with Surround
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Laser Cut Slam Panel Plate
  • Perfect fitment
  • Performance Gain: 16-25hp, 15-22ft-lb

                Performance Graph:

                The standard airbox is cuboid in shape which gives rise to turbulence and increases the drag on the turbo as a result. Furthermore, it draws air from a duct, which despite extending over the entire grill is in fact only open on one side and this opening is also facing the engine so the airbox draws in warm engine bay heat. In addition, when the bonnet is closed, the only direct path for cold air is from the small slots in the top of the grill (for the Golf 7 variants). The following dyno graphs show the before and after results on a Golf 7 R (same engine as the Audi 8V S3) which already had a remap. So both the stock airbox and the Eventuri were tested with the same remap in place. All tests were carried out back to back on the same day with the bonnet closed on all occasions.

                During the development of our system, we designed and tested both the single duct and also an extended double duct version

                Vehicle Fitment:

                • 2013 Audi S3 8V
                • 2014 Audi S3 8V
                • 2015 Audi S3 8V
                • 2016 Audi S3 8V
                • 2017 Audi S3 8V
                • 2018 Audi S3 8V
                • 2019 Audi S3 8V


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