Gruppe M Carbon Intake System For Volkswagen Polo GTI 2010-2015

VENDOR: Gruppe M

SKU: FRI-0201

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


The GruppeM carbon fiber ram air intake system was designed with K&N to dramatically improve airflow across the entire RPM range while also reducing intake temperatures. Every intake system comes with a proprietary filter element made exclusively for GruppeM by K&N. The result is a tremendous improvement in horsepower and torque throughout the entire powerband of the engine by utilizing the "ram air effect" which forces a greater volume of air into the engine and increases the density of the intake charge. Each intake application is custom engineered for your vehicle using the highest quality carbon fiber weave and is designed to fit perfectly with minimal installation difficulty. The result is a carbon fiber ram air intake system that looks as well as it performs.

The large capacity filter case was designed to make use of engine room capacity to the maximum.The carbon filter case inhales running wind from the front directly, while intercepting heat in the engine room.

As a result of repeating the chassis dynamo test and the actual running test, the performance is improved in the whole area including the torque-up of the low speed range, the sharp rise of boost, the response up at high rotation speed region, etc. All of it is made of real carbon of Japan production.You will be satisfied with the feeling of presence in the engine room and also powerful air intake sound when you open the bonnet.


  • Improved fuel economy
  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • Improvement in Horsepower and Torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Unique carbon fiber weave pattern
  • Minimal installation difficulty

          Vehicle Fitment:

          • 2010 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6RCAV 1.4 Turbo
          • 2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6RCAV 1.4 Turbo
          • 2012 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6RCAV 1.4 Turbo
          • 2013 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6RCAV 1.4 Turbo
          • 2014 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6RCAV 1.4 Turbo
          • 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI 6RCAV 1.4 Turbo


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