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KW Suspension Height Adjustable Spring Kit (HAS) - BMW F90 M5 2018+

You Save 9% ($123.40)

The KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit (or "HAS Kit", for short) allows you to achieve the look you’re after on your 2018+ F90 chassis BMW M5 without having to sacrifice your factory electronic suspension. This kit allows you to re-use your stock M shocks, retaining all functionality, while decreasing costs and need for added parts. You get the perfect F90 M5 lowered ride height and retained EDC - so you can keep your variable ride control (Comfort, Sport and Sport+).

You used to have a choice: Aftermarket springs with pre-set static ride height OR fully adjustable ride height with a full coilover system. What do you do when you already have the most sophisticated dampers on your F90 M5 and all you want is increased performance with the ability to set your ride height? The KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit (or HAS kit, for short) is the answer, and gives you the best of both worlds on your street driven F90 M5.

Spring rates are developed specifically for the F90 chassis. The lowered ride height will not only make your M5 car look better (meaner!), but it also adds increased handling responsiveness. KW uses the same high-quality chrome-silicone steel as they do in their top-rated coilover kits, so the springs and adjusters are the quality you’d expect for an F90 M5, delivering both longevity and ease-of-adjustment. HAS kits are wonderful enhancements of your stock suspension, and are a perfect solution for newer BMWs, whether they come with a standard or adaptive suspension system. The KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit is designed to be the best fit and flexibility of any spring kit available for the F90 M5.

Ride height adjustability (5mm-20mm front and rear, or 0.2 inches to 0.8 inches)
Adaptive suspension remains active when equipped
Specific spring rates matched to the F90 M5
Better handling and corner with reduced body roll
Improved look and stance
The F90 M5 HAS Kit comes with the M5-specific springs, height adjusters, and F90-specific bump stops with dust protection system.