Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) / GT Roadster (R190) / GT S (C120) / GT C Roadster (R120) 2015

    The system replaces the performance exhausts fitted to the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S. Because it is ECE type approved with no need to remap the ECU or add any other parts, it is just a simple plug-and-play installation. The exquisite Akrapovič Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system adds performance and style, along with an amazing soundtrack.


    Perfectly formed using specially developed ultra-lightweight titanium alloys and finished with hand-crafted matte carbon-fibre tailpipes.This stunning system includes parts cast in the company’s in-house foundry, featuring an active X connection and an additional pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers, designed to provide optimal control of the exhaust sound for the best aural enjoyment. 

    • POWER

                   +9.7kWat 2550 rpm

    • WEIGHT


    • TORQUE

                    +36.2Nmat 2300 rpm

    Because of packaging requirements, the EVO system has been split into two codes. Please be aware that both part numbers (MTP-ME/T/4H and E-ME/T/4) must be ordered.


    Fitting information for GT models: Evolution system only fits to the cars equipped with AMG Performance exhaust.

    Car Brand Mercedes- AMG
    Car Model GT (C190) / GT S (C120)
    Part Description Evolution Line (Titanium)
    Length 8.46
    Width 31.09
    Height  54.33
    Weight  31.09