RKP Carbon Rear Diffuser 2x2 Weave - BMW M5 F90 2018-2019



All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal

RKP Carbon Rear Diffuser 2x2 Weave - BMW M5 F90 2018-2019


The F90 M5 is a platform that demands quality. It is, by far and away, the most refined sports saloon that Bavaria has produced, without sacrificing an ounce of shock and awe when you put your right foot to the floor.

Quite literally because of its formidable prowess, there was pressure to not only meet, but also exceed expectation with the RKP F90 program. Our diffuser was the first complete piece and it was designed to make a statement. The OE BMW diffuser seems more like filler, a timid something to fill a cavity between two exhaust pipes.

By sharp contrast, the RKP unit is rather self-assured, making no apologies for its pronounced trio of carbon strakes. From the side, a small sliver of carbon—just a quick nod to let you know there’s something very special around the corner. Paired with an aftermarket exhaust, the rear of the car takes on a much more menacing presence.


  • Flawless fitment, exceptional strength
  • Available in 2x2 carbon weave pattern
  • Dupont clear-coated and buffed to a mirror finish
  • Made in USA


1x1 plain weave available by special order


  • 2018 M5 F90
  • 2019 M5 F90


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