Vorsteiner Aero Front Bumper DVWP w/ Front Spoiler Carbon Fiber PP 2x2 Glossy FERRARI 458 ITALIA 458-VX PROGRAM

You Save 5% ($342.75)

These Vorsteiner Front Bumpers for Ferrari 458 Italia is constructed using the finest Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber and is better than the traditional carbon fiber composites. This body part features superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability and a lifelong service for the safety of your rig and your passenger. 

Vorsteiner's brand and root foundation is built upon building nothing but the absolute highest quality parts for the most discerning clientele. Our relentless pursuit of advancement and perfection can be clearly seen through our parts and our staff. Our brand is the embodiment of Vorteiner and its cars, reflecting the aesthetic beauty of technically advanced solutions and the very soul that comes from hands that create purely sensational parts. 

Vorsteiner's vision is quite simple. The company vision is to create the most advanced, innovative quality parts that each and every customer can be proud of. Each and every part must be tested and pass our highly detailed quality control before leaving the Vorsteiner factory. Our customers expect nothing less than the best parts from Vorsteiner. We naturally expect nothing less from our own customers.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia