Wagner Tuning Performance Competition Intercooler Kit For Audi A5 F5 2017-2018

VENDOR: Wagner Tuning

SKU: 200001127

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


The Competition Intercooler has the following core dimensions (550mm x 445mm x 70mm = 17.130cm³). The high-performance intercooler core provides a 134% larger frontal area and 105% more volume compared to the stock mounted intercooler. Our engineers have increased the intercooler core size and efficiency, as well as improved the end tank design to remove any OEM bottlenecks, resulting in increased flow rating and charge cooling properties.

We use our award-winning Wagnertuning Competition Intercooler Core which is made specifically for this application. Constructed of the highest quality Tube Fin intercooler cores with inside turbulators combined with cast aluminum end tanks optimized by CFD for best possible internal airflow.

The connection diameters are Ø62mm at the intercooler inlet and Ø67mm at the intercooler outlet. The result is excellent cooling properties and a lot less pressure drop then the stock intercooler. Despite its size, the weight of the complete intercooler is only 9,5kg. This Intercooler Kit is the best choice when it comes to performance gains and low intake temperatures and also the right thing for racing. All of our intercoolers use an anti-corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipating character. Optimal cooling with clearly more power. The kit is ready for installation, 100% plug & play. All of our products undergo rigorous quality control.


This item can only be used in a competition racing vehicle that is not driven on public roads, under California state law it is not legal for use in any other motor vehicle! 


  • 100% perfect fit. Easy installation
  • Latest tube fin technology intercooler cores
  • 550mm x 445mm x 70mm core dimensions
  • V=17,13 Liter & A=2447 cm²
  • Optimized by CFD for best possible internal airflow
  • With mounting material & black silicone hoses,

        Vehicle Fitment:

        • 2017 Audi A5 F5 3.0TDI 160-210KW/218-286P
        • 2018 Audi A5 F5 3.0TDI 160-210KW/218-286P


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