Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Available for A90 Supra

April 22, 2022

Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Available for A90 Supra

Did you remember Paul Walker from the Fast & Furious movie and his MK4 Toyota Supra? In automotive world, the Supra got it's superstardom and became the most iconic car that came out of Japan when the Paul Walker burned the wheels behind it. It was one of the most legendary fine tuner car of all time with great performance, superb-handling, and continent-crushing comfort, yet was as tractable and  easy to drive as any other Toyota cars. The A80 Supra was a fourth generation of Supra line-up that has taken it's status to the next-level where only few cars has achieved. And now as the new A90 Supra is hitting the streets and trying to make it's mark as it's predecessor, the global aftermarket manufacturers started producing and distributing parts for it.

A90 Supra with Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust System

Akrapovic, one of the high-end exhaust system manufacturer globally has already launched their Slip-On Line Titanium exhaust system for A90 Supra. It will produce a vibrant and deep roar from the Supra six-cylinder engine that adds an exciting and exhilarating sensation as the revs rises. It will replace the rear stock muffler with a fully valved titanium muffler. 

 >> Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust for A90 Supra <<


The exhaust has been crafted entirely from a high-grade titanium that features an exhaust valve with a housing cast. The unique set of titanium tailpipes have been designed and arranged so well with the single muffler that has never been seen before in the after market industry. The outer layer of the tailpipes been coated to increase the durability and the inner surface has a bluish-purple natural titanium color to give the system a very special and exclusive finish. Using the lighter materials has reduced the vehicle weight overall that optimizes the power and torque through the entire rev range. With this Slip-On Line system it's just a pure enjoyment with the enhanced sound characteristics of the A90 Supra.

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