About KW Suspension

KW has been a market leader in the automotive industry for more than two decades. They’re driving innovation with their suspension solutions both on-road and in motorsports, catering to gearheads and industry names globally.

With KW, you’re buying high end components and innovative tech, backed up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You don’t play when it comes to direct handling and reliable systems. That makes KW’s German manufacturing a solid choice.


KW Variant 1

Achieve major lowering and solid range control with the entry-level offering from the Inox-line coilover kit range.

This entry-level street performance kit features stainless steel struts, optimally tuned dampers and bumps stops, and anti-corrosion springs. If you’re looking for a smooth, balanced driving experience, the KW Variant 1 gives you years of optimum driving pleasure.

The Variant 1 sets a benchmark for pre-configured coilovers, and delivers a vehicle-specific spring rate and damper setup to keep your vehicle’s performance at the top of its game.

KW Variant 2

KW’s intermediate level Inox-line coilovers are the go-to solution for drivers looking for a more advanced level of ride performance. 

When suspension is about more than adjustable ride height and slick aesthetics, the Variant 2 delivers.

Featuring the same durability we expect from the Variant 1, KW puts forwards a 16-click adjustment function for laser-point tuning and personalization in your ride. 16 precise clicks give you greater control and total influence over your driving experience, without sacrificing the Variant 2’s German-engineered compression damping.

The Variant 2 also introduces KW’s patented two-stage Twin Valve Rebound – Adjustable innovation. The rebound system boosts ride comfort without sacrificing your high-speed range.

KW Variant 3

When you require motorsports performance in your street ride, the KW Variant 3 delivers with unrivalled customization.

KW ramps up its game with the Variant 3—packing independent compression and rebound damping adjustment into its damper setup. You get total control over your vehicle modifications—tailor your setup to your driving style, or tweak for tire characteristics and cornering behavior. Total optimization is at your fingertips.

KW brings performance drivers into the spotlight and puts you firmly behind the wheel with a slick combination of TVR-A and TVC-A technology.


KW’s height adjustable spring kits bring flexibility and functionality to the street’s hottest rides.

Adjust your vehicle’s drive height and boost agility in your drive-style easily, and with confidence, with KW HAS kits. KW puts performance front and foremost, so there is zero compromise in your driver assistance systems and factory drive settings. KW craft to the highest standards, ensuring every piece of hardware they manufacture works in harmony with your setup.

German-manufactured chrome-silicon springs provide responsive pairing with your electronic suspension. As part of KW’s commitment to top of the range materials, its HAS kits include dust protection systems, to protect against factory suspension degradation. KW exceeds market expectations every step of the way with its height adjustable spring kits.


KW’s DDC coilovers come in two versions, both as part of the intuitive iSuspension program.

KW DDC Plug ; Play: for select models with factory adaptive suspension.

You don’t need to compromise your suspension range anymore. If your premium ride is fitted with an electronic suspension system, KW’s adaptive coilovers can give you a seamless lowering experience and boost driving dynamics.

KW DDC ECU: for use with KW App control.

The ECU gives you App control via your device, with three pre-programmed damping settings for totally adaptive damper control. Switch between Sport, Sport+. And Comfort, all with the swipe of a finger.


The Hydraulic Lift system your ride needs to adjust to civilian life.

KW created its HLS system to lift your ride by up to 45mm—easily allowing you to clear speed bumps, steep driveways, and awkward obstacles that threaten to scuff up your paint job. And just because they can, KW gives us this functionality at the touch of a button.

As with everything KW do, this system works seamlessly in conjunction with KW coilovers and factory suspension.

KW Street Comfort

Street Comfort coilovers put drive comfort firmly on the next level.

KW’s most individual sport suspension delivers adjustable ride height and damping customization. Through easily adjustable, integrated rebound adjustment toggles, you get a sleek, sporty look, solid drive dynamics, and a softer ride. Zero compromise, total comfort.


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