Most of you may have heard about, to increase the efficiency of the car, you need a good quality intercooler. Now the question is,... what is intercooler, and why do we need it? An intercooler is a mechanical device used to cool fluids, which includes liquids or gases, between levels of multi-stage compression process of gases, typically a heat exchanger that removes waste heat in a gas compressor. The intercoolers are used in many ways, including air compressors, air conditioners, refrigeration, gas turbines, and automotive engines. In vehicle’s, it is commonly known as, air-to-air or water to air intercooler for forced induction, the turbocharged or supercharged internal combustion engines to improve their efficiency, which they do by increasing intake of air density through constant pressure cooling. Pretty handy, isn’t?

The intercooler is utilized to remove the waste heat from the first level of two-stage air compressors. And, the two-stage air compressors are manufactured because of their good efficiency. The cooling action of the water to air intercooler is principally responsible for this higher efficiency, bringing it closer to alpha performance. Most of you may know about “water intercooler”. Removing the heat-of-compression from the discharge of the first level has the effect of density on air. This, in turn, allows the second level to produce more work from its fixed compression ratio. Adding a high performance intercooler to the setup requires additional investments.

An intercooler that exchanges their heat directly with the atmosphere, is designed to be mounted in an area, where the automobile receives maximum air pressure. These types of alpha performance intercoolers are mainly mounted in front of the vehicle or commonly known as front mounted systems (FMIC). Cars such as the Nissan Skyline, Volvo 200 Series Turbo, Volvo 700 Series, and 900 series turbo, Dodge SRT-4, 1st gen Mazda MX-6, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Chevrolet Cobalt SS, all use front mounted intercoolers, mounted near the front bumper, in line with the car's radiator.

Most of the people prefer Dinan intercooler for most of the vehicles. Dinan Company was founded in 1979, Dinan is well established as North America’s premiere BMW tuner company. The company develops, manufactures, and markets comprehensive products of high performance intercooler, and many other auto parts. Distributed through a worldwide network of Authorized Dinan Performance Centers that includes BMW Dealerships and independent BMW service or high-performance facilities. Recently, Dinan Company has further expanded its offerings to include other European car brands such as Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche.

If you’re currently looking for authentic, good quality intercoolers than visit Auto Talent. An online store which provides all types of original automobile parts. Now you don’t need to search online to find the best place to buy authentic auto parts. At Auto Talent, we have all brands of auto parts for different car models, under one roof. We have Dinan intercooler for all types of car models, such as Dinan high performance water intercooler for BMW X5 E70, Dinan high performance air-to-water intercooler for BMW X5 E70, Dinan high performance air-to-water intercoolers for BMW F01/F02 750i (N63tu), Dinan high performance air-to-water intercooler for BMW 650i F12 650i F13 2011 and 2012 only, high performance Intercooler (N54) for BMW 1m E82, Dinantronics Performance Tuner Stage 3 for BMW F30 F34 335i (EWG), and many other BMW intercoolers.

In other brands of intercoolers, we have Alpha AMS Porsche Macan Intercooler System, Alpha Performance AMS Porsche 991.1 Turbo Intercooler System, and many more, depending upon car models. In Active Autowerke, we have Active Autowerke supercharger Rotrex C38 level 2 kit - BMW Z3m Coupe, Roadster 1997-2002, Active Autowerke supercharger Rotrex C38 level 2 kit - BMW 328i/Is 1996-1999, Active Autowerke supercharger Rotrex C38 Prima kit – BMW E46 M3 2001-2006, Active Autowerke supercharger Rotrex C38 Prima kit - BMW E46 M3 2001-2006, Active Autowerke supercharger Rotrex C38 level 3 kit - BMW E9x M3 2008-2013, Active Autowerke supercharger Rotrex C38 level 3 kit - BMW E9x M3 2008-2013, and many others for different car models.

Auto Talent specializes in all high-performance applications and installation. Our mission is to help our customers to turn their dreams into a reality. We got a huge selection of top quality, original automobile products. Whether you want basic repairs or maintenance, modifying your car to increase performance, or adding high-tech lighting or electronics, our great selection of brand name products and knowledgeable team will ensure success with all your automobile projects.

Since 2006 Auto Talent has been providing services to the automotive community. We perform the following services in the Los Angeles area, such as wheels, suspension, aero, paint correction or ceramic coating or vehicle wraps, brakes, and performance. Over the past years, we have many satisfied customers.

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