BMW M4 on KW DDC Kit

January 31, 2020

BMW M4 on KW DDC Kit

One of the most popular mods for the M4 is KW coil overs Our client brought his M4 in to get a nice drop and major improvement in handling. a set of KW coil overs such as these will make your car look, feel, and drive amazing. DDC coil overs by KW utilize the adaptive suspension from BMW by allowing you to dial in damper controls. This set up gives your BMW M4 the performance suspension it needs. Adjusting ride height is simple with the on board controls on your M4. with the KW DDC kit, you can

- adjust ride height

- improved ride and handling

- compatible with BMW suspension controls

- plug and play functionality for easy to use out of the box

For inquires, contact ashkon@autotalent.com

To purchase for the F80, Click here https://autotalent.com/products/kw-suspension-ddc-coilovers-for-bmw-m3-f80-2014?_pos=3&_sid=5b291bc8e&_ss=r

To purchase for the F82, Click here https://autotalent.com/products/kw-suspension-ddc-coilovers-for-bmw-m4-f82-2014?_pos=1&_sid=5b291bc8e&_ss=r

To purchase for the F83, Click here https://autotalent.com/products/kw-suspension-ddc-coilovers-for-bmw-m4-f83-2015?_pos=2&_sid=5b291bc8e&_ss=r

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