BMW M4 with Bilstein Damptronic Suspension Installed

September 16, 2019

BMW M4 with Bilstein Damptronic Suspension Installed

Many M3 and M4 owners opt for the EDC (Electronic Dampening Control) option on their cars. This allows to stiffen and loosen the suspension with the touch of a button. When opting for aftermarket coilovers the EDC functionality is usually lost when the shocks are replaced. 

Up until now the KW Suspension DDC (Dynamic Dampening Control) kit was the only coilover setup that retained the factory EDC. The Bilstein has been in production for years and the ETA on the suspension kept getting pushed back. Finally the damptronic kit was released a few months ago and we had our customer purchase it. Below are some pictures before and after the install. Other modifications to this car include:

* BBS FI-R in satin black

* Vorsteiner GTS Front Spoiler + Vorsteiner GTS Rear Diffuser

* BMW M Performance Rear Spoiler





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