Ferrari 812 Superfast - Novitec Lowering Springs

February 28, 2020

Ferrari 812 Superfast - Novitec Lowering Springs

It's no secret that the Ferrari 812 Superfast is a monster of a car, however, our client brought us his stunning 812 in for a major upgrade. We installed Novitec lowering springs on this particular 812, giving it a flushed look that should come from factory. A set of Novitec springs can make a night and day difference in your Ferrari. By eliminating the wheel gap, your Ferrari will look aggressive and sit perfectly. Not only do these springs give your car an amazing look, but it gives the driver a much better driving experience with improved steering and ride feel. For inquiries, contact ashkon@autotalent.com. To purchase Novitec sport springs for the Ferrari 812, click here

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