Individual Velvet Blue F80 M3 gets HRE Wheels (P104SC)

July 08, 2019

Individual Velvet Blue F80 M3 gets HRE Wheels (P104SC)

This individual Velvet Blue F80 M3 received a new set of HRE's. 

HRE killed it with the SC line-up. Not only do the super-conical wheels save weight, but the added detail between the spokes give more depth and concavity.

Vehicle's mod includes the following:

- 3D Design Rear Diffuser
- 3D Design Front Spoiler
- 3D Design Rear Spoiler
- 3D Design Side Skirts
- 3D Design Shift Pedals
- 3D Design E-Brake
- 3D Design Shift Knob
- European CS Tail Lights W/LED Reverse Bulb Upgrade

Suspension - KW Clubsport 2 Way (Lowest Setting)

Wheels - HRE P104SC in Stone Clear

Tires - Michelin 4S: 255/35/19 | 305/30/19

Exhaust - M Performance + Active Mid Pipe + Downpipe

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