Upcoming : New Forged 2-Piece Vorsteiner x Dymag VMP Series Wheels

August 15, 2022

VMP Forged Wheels - Autotalent

We are happy to announced that, Vorsteiner has just announced the launch of its new collaboration with Dymag: the VMP Series 2-piece forged wheel collection. Vorsteiner style with a Dymag barrel makes for a truly great combo. From now you can order completely customizable Vorsteiner 2-Piece wheels from the comfort of your home. Each Vorsteiner x Dymag VMP Series 2-piece forged wheel comes with a standard solid face finish. You can also add brushed or polished textures with various finishes and sheens available. In as soon as 3 to 8 weeks, you can have your own custom wheels to give your ride a whole new attitude!

VMP Wheels with Lamborghini - Autotalent

All Vorsteiner 2-piece forged wheels use California-sourced T6-6061 aerospace - and medical-grade aluminum that is TUV-rated for safety. It’s no mystery why Vorsteiner is at the top of the charts when it comes to the best wheels on the automotive aftermarket.

What are the advantages of a Dymag Carbon Fiber Barrel?

  • Ultra low moment of inertia
  • 40% lighter than cast aluminum
  • Latest low-density composite and metallic materials
  • Advanced engineering and optimization at every stage
  • Complemented by class-leading aesthetic finishes and quality

VMP Wheels - Autotalent

Wheel Specification:

  • Construction Type: Forged (2-Piece) with DYMAG Carbon Fiber Barrel
  • Material: T6-6061 Aerospace & Medical Grade Aluminum | Carbon Fiber
  • Hardware: Titanium
  • Lightweight Pocketing Standard
  • Finish Options: Bronze, Graphite, Clear, Black
  • Texture Options: Brushed, Polished, Solid
  • Sheen Options: Gloss, Satin, Clear
  • Barrel: DYMAG Carbon Fiber Barrel
  • Estimated Made to Order Time: As Soon As 3-8 Weeks

VMP Wheels - Autotalent

If you have any questions about Upcoming : New Forged 2-Piece Vorsteiner x Dymag VMP Series Wheels or its products, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone at +1 (310)231-0292 or via email at Online@AutoTalent.com

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