AC Schnitzer


Ac Schnitzer 4 Wheels Locking Set - Bmw M5 F90 2018-2019


AC Schnitzer have opened the door to superior vehicle technology from motorsport for committed BMW drivers. Free from the compromises of mass production, we develop custom components which meet the highest standards of perfection. At AC Schnitzer, this exclusive dimension of dynamic driving pleasure is seamlessly combined with the unrestricted suitability for everyday use provided by series production, ensuring maximum efficiency of resources. The Ac Schnitzer 4 Wheels Locking Set for FA and RA 10,0 x 20".


  • Lock Your Car Wheels
  • Safety and durability
  • Perfect Fitting
  • Wheel locking set


    • 2018 Bmw M5 F90
    • 2019 Bmw M5 F90


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