Ac Schnitzer AC1 20" Wheel Tyre Set BiColor Michelin - Bmw M5 F90 2018-2021

VENDOR: AC Schnitzer

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All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


Ac Schnitzer AC1 20" Wheel Tyre Set BiColor Michelin


AC Schnitzer only uses high-quality brand tyres, which are developed in close cooperation with premium tyre manufacturers. On the one hand, the tyres have to transfer the power of the engine perfectly to the road, on the other hand, properties such as braking behaviour, lateral control, water drainage in rain and the properties in straight running are important decision criteria for or against a tyre.

AC Schnitzer specialises in mixed-sized tyres, i.e. wheel sets in which the wheels of the rear axle are wider than those of the front axle. This makes sense in terms of driving dynamics, as it allows strong drive forces to be transmitted while at the same time enabling high steering precision. Although the wider a tyre is, the more power you can put on the road, the rolling resistance caused by the tyre must not become too high. As the rolling resistance increases the wider a tyre is, AC Schnitzer works out the wheel dimensions that are balanced.

All AC Schnitzer wheel sets are tuned in multi-stage driving tests in traffic and on race tracks. Only after successful test runs the wheels are released for sale. All AC Schnitzer wheel sets are delivered fully assembled and balanced. They are subject to a two-year manufacturer's warranty. The scope of delivery includes mounting materials such as adapters and wheel bolts as well as the homologation certificate (with the exception of marked wheelsets for export).

The AC3 Wheels are an absolute highlight in the AC Schnitzer wheel range. These Lightweight Forged Wheels - with partly polished and partly painted surfaces in Silver/Anthracite - achieve what appears to be fundamentally contradictory: reduction in weight on the one hand and the largest possible wheel diameters and widths on the other. The AC Schnitzer engineers and designers implement this apparent contradiction with the AC3 Lightweight Forged Rim: the design is completely independent - although the relationship to the successful Type V rim is unmistakable.


All-wheel drive vehicles require adapted wheel circumferences. For vehicles with a BMW xDrive system, please only use tire sizes and tire marks approved by BMW or AC Schnitzer for all-wheel drive vehicles. These can be found in the xi-xd wheel tyre set list.


  • 4 complete wheels
  • Rims AC1 casted, monoblock wheel in BiColor
  • Mounted and balanced
  • pentagonal hub cover with AC Schnitzer logo
  • Quality tag
  • Optional vehicle- and rim-specific mounting and fastening material
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Care instructions
  • Homologation certificate
  • Engineered in Germany
  • Heat treated
  • With exclusive AC Schnitzer lettering
  • Compatible with standard RDC system
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Production monitored according to ISO standard
  • BiColor black optionally also in anthracite
  • KDS mount for wheel alignment according to BMW specification is available

Vehicle Fitment Chart:

BMW M5 F90 4.4 L S63 V8 2018-2021


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