Active Autowerke Exhaust Catted Downpipe For Toyota Supra MKV

VENDOR: Active AutoWerke

SKU: 11-564

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Toyota and BMW choose to use the B58 inline 6 cylinder engine, a Valvetronic, single turbo version of its direct-injection engine. The Active Autowerke Supra MKV catted downpipe helps unleash some of the potentials that is restricted by the OEM downpipe.

The dyno chart shows an increase of 18 whp using the Active catted downpipe and signature exhaust with the stock tune (just FYI our stage 1 and stage 2 tunes are showing whp increases of 53 and 94 using the catted downpipe and signature exhaust).

Turbochargers are powered by spent exhaust gases created during the combustion process. The quicker these gases are evacuated, the better. Unfortunately, the factory downpipe in the B58 is quite restrictive, which results in slower exhaust gases and slower turbo spool.

The Active Autowerke Supra MKV Signature downpipe utilizes 4.5” diameter stainless steel piping in order to provide more power, quicker spool, and extreme durability. It then tapers down to 3.5" where we've incorporated a stainless flex joint and then down to 80mm to meet the OEM exhaust system. We never drop the diameter to smaller than the stock diameter of 80mm. 

This variant of our Supra MKV downpipe utilizes a high flow 49-state legal EPA approved GESI G-Sport Ultra High Output catalytic converter that allows vehicles to pass emissions testing for street use. EPA N/GBL/4389/1119


  • NO CEL when using this downpipe
  • GESI EPA approved 49-state legal high flow and fully OBD2 compliant
  • Casted upper V-Band for precise fitment
  • 4.50" diameter piping allows for maximum power output
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Rated for 500 to 850 hp applications
  • Withstands up to 1500° F
  • Can reach operational efficiency within 9 seconds of startup
  • Easily bolts-on – no cutting or welding required
  • Durable construction from TIG welded 304 stainless steel
  • Precise fitment
  • Made in Miami, Florida

            Performance Graph:

            Vehicle Fitment:

            • 2019 Toyota Supra MKV
            • 2020 Toyota Supra MKV


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