Active AutoWerke


Active Autowerke Rear Subframe Reinforcement Kit - Bmw E46 323, 325, 328, 330, M3 1999-2006


If you own a E46 and you are experiencing unfamiliar sounds coming from the rear of your BMW whenever the throttle is being applied, then chances are that your rear subframe sheet metal may already been torn away and is the cause of these noises.

The whole rear subframe of the BMW as well as the differential and rear suspension are all secured by bolts threaded into the sheet metal body. It is the splitting and cracking away of the sheet metal around the threads that causes this problem. Continuous fatigue can eventually leave nothing in place to hold the rear end of the car securely.

The Active Autowerke plate kit includes all the necessary reinforced metal plates to properly secure and reinforce your BMW back to it's intended state.This is an essential upgrade whether you have a completely stock or a modified E46.


Professional welding and installation is required as well as a re-alignment of the suspension.


  • All steel reinforced plates
  • Step by step instructions on a CD
  • Easy to Install
  • Metal plates
  • Perfect fitting


        • Bmw E46 323 1999-2005
        • Bmw E46 325 1999-2005
        • Bmw E46 328 1999-2005
        • Bmw E46 330 1999-2005
        • Bmw E46 M3 2001-2006


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