AL13 D005 5050 Design+Technik 3PC Wheels

VENDOR: AL13 Wheels

SKU: AL13-DTD005-5050

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AL13 D005 5050 Design+Technik 3PC Wheels

AL13’s Design Technik series is the exemplar to the company’s forefront in design. Featuring the most customization options of the 3 series thanks to its 3-piece configuration that will never go out of fashion. Launched in 2017, they were the first with spoke-side drop center pocketing. Contributing to weight-saving innovation and modern esthetics.

AL13 designs are available in forged 1 Piece Monoblock construction and tailored modular forged 2 and 3 piece designs. Lightweight and engineered for exotic performance vehicles, luxury, and SUVs.

AL13 Wheels are offered in Standard, Transparent, and Brushed Transparent finishes. Colors vary in shade and smoothness, including gloss, matte, satin, and textured options.

Vehicle Fitments:

  • Fits all major makes and models
  • Lightweight.
  • 3 Piece configuration.
  • Aero-space grade 6061 T6 forged aluminum material.
  • 6061 T6 aluminum rim halves.
  • Deep concave profile.
  • Unique step-lip contouring suspended spoke extension.
  • Tailor-made and built-to-order for specific vehicle fitment.
  • Milled back-side pocketing for un-sprung mass reduction, promotion of cornering dynamics, stopping power, and acceleration.
  • Hidden or exposed 50/50 hardware options.
  • Modular width availability.
  • Boundless component finishing options.
  • Multi-piece construction allows for easily replaceable components.