AMS Performance Alpha Auxiliary Intercooler Tank For Infiniti Q50 2016-2019


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AMS is proud to introduce the Q50 Red Alpha Auxiliary Coolant tank. This tank adds more than 1.5 gallons of coolant into the intercooler system of your VR30 equipped INFINITI. Cooler air = more power. By reducing your Infinite's intercooler outlet temperatures by almost 35 degrees our auxiliary tank allows your Q50 to maximize its power output. Stop the power robbing heat soak of your VR30 by ordering the Red Alpha Auxiliary Coolant tank today.Beat the heat and make more power. The unique shape allows it to fit seamlessly out of sight in the stock fender while still retaining the stock liner. Because of the OEM-like fitment, there are no permanent alterations to your vehicle.

The twin turbos in your Infinite's produce a massive amount of heat. The Red Alpha tank allows you to make the same power over an extended period of time without loss due to timing being pulled as a result of high charge temperatures. The data does not lie. This tank adds a significant amount of capacity to the intercooler system allowing the car to make power safely and consistently.

This is one of the most important modifications for your vehicle after the Red Alpha Heat Exchanger. INFINITI owners should combine all 3 Red Alpha cooling products together for a winning combination! The following charts feature runs made with a Red Alpha Heat Exchanger, a Red Alpha overflow tank, with and without the Red Alpha Auxiliary Intercooler Tank installed. 

The Red Alpha Auxiliary Intercooler tank will help keep charge air temps consistent and in a safe range. The stock intercooler system holds only .84 gallons of coolant. Our tank adds 1.675 on top of that. Combined with the Red Alpha Heat Exchanger and Red Alpha Overflow Tank brings the total system capacity to nearly 2.5 gallons. It’s a huge improvement and helps keep the engine safe from high charge air temps.


    • An almost 35 degree intercooler outlet temperature drop vs no tank at all
    • Adds a total of 1.675 Gallons of coolant to the intercooler system
    • The most important modification to your vehicle after the Red Alpha Heat Exchanger
    • Fits seamlessly into stock fender while retaining the stock liner
    • Tough exterior powder coating stands up to the elements
    • INFINITI USA is adding this component to its Motorsport Catalog
    • No permanent alterations to your vehicle necessary
    • This is a bolt in part
    • All required hardware included for the install
    • Fully TIG welded in the USA
    • 3mm thick aluminum construction to minimize flex
    • Precision CNC machined fittings

          Vehicle Fitment:

          • 2016 INFINITI Q50 VR30 Twin Turbo
          • 2017 INFINITI Q50 VR30 Twin Turbo
          • 2018 INFINITI Q50 VR30 Twin Turbo
          • 2019 INFINITI Q50 VR30 Twin Turbo


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