Cary Jordan - E85 BM3 Tune - BMW S55 M3 + M4


SKU: BM3-E85

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal

BMW S55 (E85) Custom Tuning, Stock Turbos, Stock Fuel System


BMW S55 (M3/M4/M2c) Custom Tuning:

  • Full-E85

  • Stock Fuel System

  • Stock Turbos

  • Upgraded Spark Plugs Required (SeeUpgraded Spark PlugOptions)

  • Hi-Flow Downpipes required for E85 S2H and S2+ (See below)

  • Includes all revisions needed for your current setup/fuel, 2 free hours of our remote dyno tuning services and free updates for as long as you own the car. 

E85 Stages available:

  • E85 S1 (540+whp/550+wtq, 20-21psi with a slight taper up-top)

  • E85 S2 (560+whp/570+wtq, 23-24psi peak boost) 

  • E85 S2 Hybrid (570+whp/580+wtq, 25-26psi peak boost) (Hi-Flow Downpipes required )