Eventuri Kevlar Intake With Black Tubes For BMW F1X M6

VENDOR: Eventuri


All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal
Kevlar Intake Colors


The F12/F13/F06 M6 intake system was developed through extensive dyno testing, maximum velocity tests, and flow optimization. We have developed a complete system from front air scoops to filter housings and even inlet tubes to the turbos. The resulting system is very efficient and reduces the resistance to the turbos by giving a smooth path for the airflow to travel through.

The F12/F13/F06 M6 Eventuri system uses our Patent Pending Carbon fiber Housing which provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the MAF tube. Not just another cone filter with a heat shield but a unique design that invokes the Venturi affect.


  • Perfect Shape and Design
  • 2 Venturi housings
  • 2 High Flow Double Cone Air Filters
  • 2 Aluminum Cowls for smooth airflow entry
  • Left Side Carbon Tube with integrated MAF sensor mount
  • Right Side Carbon Tube with integrated MAF sensor mount
  • 2 Front Scoops
  • 2 Front Scoop Extensions
  • 2 Laser Cut Aluminium Shields with integrated flow deflectors
  • High-quality Silicon couplers with Bmw specification hose clamps

                    Vehicle Fitment:

                    • 2012-2018 Bmw F12 M6
                    • 2012-2018 Bmw F13 M6
                    • 2014-2018 Bmw F06 M6


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