IPD Intake Plenum for Porsche 996 GT3 Mark II 02-05


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Optional Throttle Body


996 GT3 Mark II:

Porsche's launch of the GT3 line marked the return of the purpose built street/track car designed to provide the ultimate Porsche driving experience. The hardcore track focus of the GT3 is reminiscent of the legendary RS line that helped make Porsche famous with driving enthusiasts around the world.

The GT3 Porsches have their own branch on the Porsche motorsport family tree. GT3 street cars aren't a distant cousin sharing the same family name but are an immediate family member sharing the same DNA with Porsche's top level and most successful race cars. The 996 GT3 Mark II is considered by many to be the most performance focused Porsche to ever come out of Stuttgart.

As with all GT3's, power improvements are very difficult to develop because of Porsche's fantastic out-of-the-box design and development on these performance minded machines.

The GT3 engine was specifically developed to deliver power where it's needed on the track, way up high in the rev range. The IPD Plenum compliments that power by delivering additional horsepower throughout the entire power band, especially in the mid range where it's most needed.

The 996 GT3 Mark II IPD Plenum provides an additional 24 horsepower at the wheels, enhancing the already ultimate Porsche driving experience. The 996 GT3 Mark II Plenum is specifically designed to accommodate the larger 997 GT3 82mm throttle body (additional purchase required).

The combination of the patented Y design plenum and larger throttle body make the 996 GT3 Mark II IPD Plenum the ultimate performance upgrade for the ultimate performance Porsche.

Installation of the 996 GT3 Mark II IPD Plenum is relatively straight forward but IPD strongly recommends installation be performed by a highly qualified Porsche technician. 

997 GT3 Mark II 82mm Porsche Throttle Body:

This is the larger, German throttle body required to fit the larger 82mm “Competition” Plenum


  • Impressive performance gains
  • Smooth and linear power
  • Quicker boost response

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2002 996 GT3 Mark II
  • 2003 996 GT3 Mark II 
  • 2004 996 GT3 Mark II 
  • 2005 996 GT3 Mark II 


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