McLaren 720s - Novitec + HRE

March 13, 2020

McLaren 720s - Novitec + HRE

We equipped this 720s with a Novitec n largo roof scoop and n largo wing. We also dropped this 720s with novitec sport springs, giving it a sportier more aggressive look. Aerodynamics and suspension upgrades are essential for any car, especially the 720s. Not only does your car look much better, but it makes a night and day difference in the driving experience as well. To top it off, we equipped this stunning McLaren with a set of HRE P101sc's. This particular set up consists of 20 x 9 in the front and 21 x 12.5 in the rear, giving it a super wide and aggressive staggered stance. For more information and inquiries regarding Novitec, HRE, or any other questions on the 720s, contact ashkon@autotalent.com
To purchase Novitec Roof Air Scoop, click here
To purchase Novitec Sport Springs, click here
To purchase Novitec N-largo wing, click here

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