BMW M4cs - HRE Classic + Remus + H&R

March 23, 2020

BMW M4cs - HRE Classic + Remus + H&R

Our client brought us his M4cs to take it to the next level. BMW offers some amazing blue color options. This M4cs looks great from factory but with the right set of wheels this machine gets a level up.  We equipped it with HRE classic 300's in a satin black finish to compliment this stunning factory color from BMW. Of course, we dropped this car on H&R springs to make sure it gets that perfect fitment and improved handling. Finally, we added one of the best exhaust options on the market for the F8X's, a Remus cat back. Just like this M4cs, we can completely transform your car to make it unique to you. Not only will we make your car look even better, but you will also have an improved driving experience with such mods like these. Feel free to contact ashkon@autotalent.com for inquiries. 
To purchase the Remus cat-back exhaust, click here

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