Featuring VS-5RS Forged Sprint™ Wheels Engineered for BMW G8X M3 and M4

July 14, 2022

Featuring VS-5RS Forged Sprint™ Wheels Engineered for BMW G8X M3 and M4

Since 2007 Apex Race Parts been in business for designing and manufacturing lightweight performance wheels. Apex has a rich history of developing high grade lightweight, chassis-specific wheel fitments for BMW make. And they been constantly innovating & expanding their product lines in wheel designs, accessories & performance parts. Lately Apex has introduced their new VS-5RS Forged Sprint™ wheels engineered for the G8X M3 and M4. The VS-5RS is built to be extremely light while still offering a meaningful strength increase over the flow formed wheels. The wheel fitments been mapped via 3D laser scanning and exhaustive on-car fitment testing that allows G8X owners to run staggered or rotatable-square wheel and tire configurations depending on how the car is enjoyed. It's been engineered specifically for the drivers looking to shed as much weight as possible to improve the performance and lap times in the race tracks.

The 19" fitments are already in stock and ready to ship, but you need to act fast as these wheels are very limited in quantities. And the 19s and 20" are in production pipeline and will soon be available to all. Follow the link below to make your purchase for your vehicle.  


    • 10K Tones of Pressure Forging: To gain the structure of the wheels, it's been forged by applying 10,000 metric tones of pressures that increases the strength of the aluminum by eliminating porosity.
    • Strong Designs: Wheels been designed completely from scratch with it's very own blank profiles, resulting in deep spokes and stronger designs.
    • Side-Milled Spokes: Side-Milled Spokes with CNC ball cutter to remove or curved out any extra material that doesn't add strength to the wheel.
    • Strong and lightweight: Creating a stronger inner lip and higher load rating by adding extra pound after curving out the materials to reinforce critical areas, making it more durable and strong as well as very lightweight. 
    • Weight Optimized: Conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimized the weight of the wheels, making it very lightweight without compromising the strength.
    • Customer Centric Testing: The wheels are being independently tested as it is critical to protect the consumer in this unregulated industry.
    • Big Brake Clearance: Not all the wheels are made equal. These VS-5RS has been specifically designed to provide more space inwards with high clearance forging blanks to allow bigger brake clearance to improve braking performance
    • Paintless Knurled Beads: Not all knurling is built the same. To reduce the unwanted tire spin, Apex protected them from paint to keep them sharp. And these made the knurling smoother and rounder.
    • Premium Finishes: The wheels been forged and released with the finishes that the Apex has always dreamed of. Fully polished aluminum, hand brushed and tinted clear, and much wider range of painted finishes. The wheels provides not only the performance but a distinctive styles to every car.

    Vehicle Fitments:

    • Fits BMW G8X M3 & M4 2021-Present

    If you have any questions about Apex VS-5RS wheels or its products, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone at +1 (310)231-0292 or via email at Online@AutoTalent.com

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