McLaren 570s & 600LT Getting Tune + LOUD Pipes

August 06, 2019

McLaren 570s & 600LT Getting Tune + LOUD Pipes

The 570S and 570GT are very popular cars amongst the McLaren lineup. One of the latest additions to the McLaren Family is the 600LT (Long-Tail), which is the most extreme version of the 570/Sport Series cars. We have a 570S and 600LT Spyder in our shop this week getting some "Go Fast" mods, which include exhaust and tune. 

The exhaust featured for both of these vehicles is the Frequency Intelligent Catless Down Pipes, which are designed strictly for off-road use.

The addition of these mods reduce a good amount of weight by removing the stock catalytic convertors, in combination with a tune - the more free flowing exhaust system can be optimized with a stage 2 tune for about 90 horsepower gain to the wheels. 

Our tunes of choice are provided by DMETuning or PP-Performance. Both companies offer significant gains on the Mclaren Sport Series platform.

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