Upcoming The New Standard HRE’s CRBN Performance Wheels

June 15, 2022

Upcoming The New Standard HRE’s CRBN Performance Wheels

The Finest Carbon Fiber Barrel In Existence. The very first restrictive Carbon Fiber wheel barrel made by HRE Wheels. This is the famous wheel brand's very first carbon fiber edge barrel that utilizes a hardened tar framework, improved fiber direction, and restrictive cycle to accomplish a consistent layup.

This is HRE's most recent CRBN series and has been a long time really taking shape fully intent on making the world's best two-piece carbon fiber wheel. CRBN barrel delivers the ultimate in performance, strength, style, and exclusivity.

With carbon fiber wheels turning out to be all the more promptly accessible through a few OEMs. The intriguing thing for us is that the CRBN edge is only the beginning of HRE's utilization of colorful materials and high-level assembling techniques. We want to continue to stretch the limits so we keep on unparalleled the requesting assumptions for our clients who own the world's most modern supercars and hypercars.

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CRBN Wheel Features

  • Modular 2-Piece utilizing HRE's proprietary CRBN™ barrel
  • Embedded RFID technology for improved traceability and customer service
  • Removed unsightly carbon seem on visible lip and inner barrel areas
  • Barrel features a toughened-resin system for achieving high impact resistance and lower weights
  • Created using precision closed-mold Vacuum-Assisted Resin-Transfer Molding (VARTM)
  • CRBN™ barrels are available in Frozen (satin) and Gloss clear coat options
  • Titanium assembly hardware is standard on CRBN™ modular wheels
  • Tested to a minimum 750kg load rating
  • All CRBN™ styles are available in Center Lock applications

Exceptionally intended for supercars and hyper-exotics, the new HRE CRBN edge includes a profoundly reinforced tar framework for accomplishing high effect opposition.


CRBN™ barrels are mated to a 6061-T6 forged aluminum center design for optimal performance and flexibility, allowing a wide variety of center styles, fitments, and finish options.

Vehicle Fitment

  • Fits all major makes and models

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