Active Autowerke Signature Valved Exhaust System For Bmw M3, M4 2014-2019

Active AutoWerke 11-045

All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal


Active Autowerke is proud to announce the release of our Signature F8X M3/M4 Exhaust System. This system is the result of countless hours of R&D to obtain the perfect combination of performance and sound. Constructed of 100% 304 TIG welded stainless steel, we have created a modular exhaust system that will provide enough flow to support power levels way above the stock S55. The stock S55 midpipe is a dual pipe system from each turbo that leads to the rear muffler. The resulting sound is far from pleasant, and without any real scavenging effect the turbo lag is fairly pronounced. By converting to a single 3.5" pipe directly after the downpipes, our system promotes exhaust scavenging along with higher exhaust velocity to produce a quicker spool, more power, and a much smoother exhaust note.

We believe that we’ve built the best performing exhaust on the market. With the reduced back pressure and large single-pipe design you can expect exhaust velocity to remain as high as possible throughout the entire system. Our design is also capable of handling much higher power levels than stock. It’s over engineered to have no issues handling the increased exhaust volume from extensive modifications including turbo upgrades. All Active Autowerke exhausts are designed and manufactured for performance, and our S55 exhaust is no different. Instead of copying the OEM exhaust, we started with a blank canvas in order to create a system as close to perfect as possible.


  • Mandrel bent 304-stainless construction
  • Completely TIG Welded (No MIG Welding at all)
  • Flow efficient Y-Pipe design
  • Perfect fitment with adjustable 90mm double walled tips
  • True 3.5” turbo back design
  • Uses OEM valve motor
  • Designed to be used at stock power levels along with highly modified engines
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Made In USA.

                        Vehicle Fitment:

                        • 2014 Bmw M3
                        • 2015 Bmw M3
                        • 2016 Bmw M3
                        • 2017 Bmw M3
                        • 2018 Bmw M3
                        • 2019 Bmw M3
                        • 2014 Bmw M4
                        • 2015 Bmw M4
                        • 2016 Bmw M4
                        • 2017 Bmw M4
                        • 2018 Bmw M4
                        • 2019 Bmw M4


                                Images are for representation purpose only and may differ depending on application.