BMS Stage 1 Tuner - BMW F80 M3 | F82 M4 S55 2015 +


SKU: BMS-Stage1

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  • Gain up to 50whpwith a stock BMW on pump gas
  • Significantly reduces the S55 turbo lag
  • Adapts to modifications (downpipes, intercooler, intakes, 100 octane, etc.)
  • Invisible to BMW tuning detection software
  • Installs within 30 minutes
  • Installs with just TWO connections
  • Instant power with easy Plug & Play installation.


Fitment: 2015 + BMW M3 & M4

BMS' entry level S55 tune safely boosts power and torque from 40-50whp with two easy to install & remove plug and play connections. This tune is equivalent to the S55 JB4 when run in "Stage1" mode. It's a single map install and enjoy tune that delivers smooth and reliable performance. Note the Stage1 DOES NOT have CANbus and thus does not include the datalogging, map switching, and other features found on our S55 JB4 tune. The Stage1 can not be upgraded to a JB4.

The BMS  Tuner for the S55 is a piggy back system, which means it is untraceable by scan tools, so no need to stress about the BMS S55  Tuner voiding your warranty.  The BMS S55  Tuner is simple, it plugs into the vehicle's computer and controls the amount of boost.  Not only giving you unheard of horsepower and torque gains but also better throttle response and an overall better sports car feel.  Whether your vehicle is stock or fully modified, the Tuner will adjust to the modification and make the most out of them.  All this and more makes theBMS S55  Tuner the #1 software choice for the fastest 1 series and 3 series in the world. When it comes to choosing the best performance software for your 135i, 335i/xi, or 535i GT, only settle for the best with theBMS S55  Tuner.