Capristo Exhaust Cat-back System for BMW E92 M3 2008-2013

VENDOR: Capristo Exhaust

SKU: 02BM05603001

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The iconic Capristo valved exhaust system offers the best of both worlds through its capability to produce an aggressive exhaust note under acceleration and a more subdued sound for city driving.

This feature is possible using vacuum-actuated valve flaps that open and close depending on driving conditions and input from the driver. At lower engine speeds and during cruise operation the valves are closed and produce a deeper exhaust note. At wide-open throttle, the valves open releasing the full symphony of the engine.

Both the cruise and sport mode can be individually programmed for specific backpressure allowances to determine when the exhaust valves open. This allows precise control of the exhaust based on the drivers personal tastes and tolerance. The exhaust valves are backpressure-controlled and user programmable via the included ces-3 control module. The programmable control unit provides 3 modes operated via a remote key fob. Cruise exhaust valves open at higher rpms. Sport exhaust valves open at lower rpms and hard acceleration and open exhaust valves remain open.

Capristo exhaust systems are engineered and manufactured utilizing advanced 3d laser-scanning, cad design, digital prototyping, and cnc-bending/milling at our factory in germany. Each system is made of high-grade t309 (1.4828) stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror finish. After extensive research, this specific alloy was chosen for its sonic resonance properties, low weight, and durability which are close to the properties of inconel (used in f1).


This exhaust system is only designed to work with the M3 E92 – It will not work with the M3 E90/93 Models!
The exhaust system is designed to be installed directly into existing OEM mounting points!


  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Programmable CES-3 Control Module included 
  • Valved Exhaust with mid-pipe.
  • Hand-polished to a mirror finish
  • Improve performance
  • low weight, and durability

                                                Vehicle Fitment:

                                                • 2008 Bmw E92 M3
                                                • 2009 Bmw E92 M3
                                                • 2010 Bmw E92 M3
                                                • 2011 Bmw E92 M3
                                                • 2012 Bmw E92 M3
                                                • 2013 Bmw E92 M3


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