Capristo Exhaust Cat Delete Downpipe For Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 AMG S 2014-2016

VENDOR: Capristo Exhaust

SKU: 02MB02403005

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Capristo exhaust systems are engineered and manufactured utilizing advanced 3d laser-scanning, cad design, digital prototyping, and CNC-bending/milling at our factory in Germany. Each system is made of high-grade t309 (1.4828) stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror finish. After extensive research, this specific alloy was chosen for its sonic resonance properties, low weight, and durability which are close to the properties of Inconel (used in f1).

The Capristo valved exhaust system helps low rpm torque by providing back pressure in the exhaust, and raises temperature for good catalytic converter operation. While in the open valve condition for high rpm, it takes full advantage of the free flow characteristics of the Capristo Downpipes optimizing the high energy exhaust at the ideal temperature and back pressure to maximize performance. These cat delete downpipes can be easily fitted to a Capristo exhaust systems or any system that fits directly to the OEM exhaust.


For Off-Road and Track Use Only
Replacing Your OEM Catalytic Converter/s may trigger a CEL 
To disable a recurring CEL you will need to tune the ECU or use 02 Sensor Extensions


  • Advanced 3d laser-scanning, cad design, digital prototyping, and CNC-bending/milling
  • Hand-polished to a mirror finish
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Produce a deeper exhaust note
  • low weight, and durability

        Vehicle Fitment:

        • 2014 Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 AMG S 5.5L BiTurbo
        • 2015 Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 AMG S 5.5L BiTurbo
        • 2016 Mercedes-Benz W212 E63 AMG S 5.5L BiTurbo


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