Capristo Exhaust CES3 Remote Kit For Bentley Continental GT SuperSport 2017-2018

VENDOR: Capristo Exhaust

SKU: 04AZ00703003

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The programmable on-board exhaust remote control kit was designed by capristo to work with the capristo exhaust valves, which opens and closes exhaust valves on exhaust systems fitted with pressure ports. The reason to have exhaust back pressure control is to obtain a better engine torque band and to maintain drive-ability in a wide range of conditions.

Today high performance engines prefer a free flowing exhaust at wide throttle openings and high rpm. At smaller throttle openings and low rpm encountered in traffic, a slight increase in exhaust back pressure, results in better low end torque and a more user friendly engine. This pressure is controlled by one or a set of butterfly valves in the exhaust system.

With this programmable valve control unit the opening and closing points of the exhaust valves can be set to your preferences. The exhaust control unit constantly monitors the back pressure in the exhaust system while driving. Under acceleration the back pressure increases and at a preset pressure the controller opens the exhaust butterflies. This releases the back pressure and increase the exhaust gas flow and horsepower.

The first is a cruise mode in which the valves will open later and at higher exhaust pressure levels. This allows for a quieter and more comfortable drive. The second is a sport mode which allows a quicker opening of the valves for a more aggressive style of driving. The third mode leaves the valves in the open position. This is oriented towards track use where higher rpm and constant full throttle application requires a freeflow of exhaust gases.

The key fob supplied with the kit is a stylish unit with two extra buttons that could be used on other equipment capable of receiving the signals (444mhz). The supplied wiring harness is already fitted with connectors for the solenoid valve and controller. The power supply and ground wire are the only wires that need to be ended for your specific application.

An on board self learning function allows you to program more key fobs should the need arise. An added safety feature is a fail safe condition which allows the exhaust valves to go to the open position in case of an electrical or vacuum failure. This prevents engine and or header damage from excessive heat build up.


  • Programmable on-board exhaust remote control kit
  • Work with the capristo exhaust valves
  • With three control modes
  • An on board self learning function 
  • Better low end torque and a more user friendly engine
  • Easy and no fuss installation.

            Vehicle Fitment:

            • 2017 Bentley Continental GT SuperSport
            • 2018 Bentley Continental GT SuperSport


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