Dinan High Performance Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension System for BMW F10 M5


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Product Description

Dinans design keeps the factory Electronic Damper Control shocks in place and implements threaded collars to allow the user to change the ride height. The end result is a sleek lowered stance that provides improved handling to go along with its stunning visual appearance. The springs combined with progressive bump stops and other components increase travel that allows the car to be lowered up to a 1.25”. Suspension packers are included to fine tune handling and comfort by changing the clearance of the progressive bump-stops, something no respectable racecar is without. Components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and black anodized for appearance and corrosion protection.  

Benefits of Dinan’s Performance Coil-Over Suspension System:

+ Threaded collars allow easy and precise front & rear vehicle height adjustments.
Up to 1 1/4” of lowering is possible depending on tire clearance although ¾” drop is
   recommended to maintain ride quality.
+ Spring rates are 15% stiffer for both front and rear.
+ Substantial reduction in body roll.
+ Included suspension packers allow adjustment of bump-stop clearance to fine-tune
   handling and comfort.
+ Dinan-spec progressive bump stops improve ride quality at lowered ride heights.
+ Components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and black anodized for a sporty
   appearance as well as corrosion protection. 
+ Compatible with BMW EDC shocks. 

*Note: Due to the extensive lowering possible, and the increased suspension travel, the installer must carefully evaluate tire clearance under all situations. Safety will be compromised if all precautions are not taken. Dinan is not responsible for any property damage or injury. 

Also Recommended:

Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar & Lightweight Tubular Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar (D120-0560): A must for any car owner looking to reduce body roll, improve grip and maximize stability. An anti-roll bar does exactly what it says by reducing body roll in all situations. Dinan anti-roll bars are built and tuned specifically for each BMW chassis and are fully adjustable, complete with end links, so a staggering 5 different positions can be achieved for maximum versatility. All bars are tubular (hollow) as well to reduce overall weight while still maintaining the same amount of stiffness. By doing all of these things, lowering the amount of body roll keeps your BMW more level than stock (while still allowing just enough body roll) to improve mechanical grip. This improvement gives the driver a much more planted and confident feeling in every corner. 

Negative Camber Control Arms (D160-0005):  If you are an aggressive driver or an individual that loves track days Dinans Negative Control Arms are recommended to provide a dramatic reduction of understeer and more immediate turn-in via increased negative camber on the front wheels.   Not only will the extra camber improve the M6's handling, but you'll also likely notice more even tire wear, assuming you continue to corner aggressively.

Models Supported by Dinan’s Performance Coil-Over Suspension System

  • 2012-2016 M5 F10 Sedan 


Product Specifications
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 8.90
Included Notes Front and rear springs, Threaded collars, Bumpstops, suspension packers, and installation hardware.